The Intentional Book Club is a resource & community to help you make family reading time meaningful and encourage you to do more with the books on your bookshelf.
Connect with your family through literature.
Curated Book Recommendations
As parents, you want to read good, quality books to your children - but it's really overwhelming finding the right ones. These recommendations are unique to your family's needs.
Community of Like-Minded Families
The space provides the opportunity for you to find other families that align with your values and interests and form your own tribes to raise your children with intention.
Monthly Themes, Guests & Badges
Nothing is more motivating than a reward for learning and effort, work together to crush goals and earn badges for milestones related to reading and discovering!
What parents are saying...

"Ummm...I'm obsessed with the club and will be sharing with my people and friends. I just LOVE it! I was able to request 4 of the 5 [monthly theme] books at the library and the kids LOVED the video!"

- Angie, mother of 2

"My hubby is not a big reader. Well he likes technical manuals etc so when I told him about this bookclub he said wow that sounds like a great idea. That’s a HUGE endorsement!" 

- Jennifer, mother of 1
"Because of the intentional book club, my son David just read his first book without prompting, asking, begging, or anything like that! He picked it up, read it to himself, then read it to me because he wants to reach the 100 Books Read Badge! Reading and writing has been a struggle for a while but we are seeing the fruits of our labor!"

- Cynthia, mother of 3

"This is especially good for us going into the holidays since
we are an 8 gift family, 4 for Christmas and 4 for Hanukkah, and two of those must be books.""

- Yvonne, mother of 2
Are you ready to hop in?
You want to read books to your children that have purpose, but it's overwhelming finding those books in a sea of choices.
You are seeking guidance, direction and inspiration on how to pull out valuable lessons from the books on your bookshelf.
Your family has some reluctant readers and you want to motivate them and infuse a love of reading into their souls.
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Take a full tour of the book club
Curious to see what exactly the book club looks like, what you have access to and what happens when you become a lifetime member? Check out this comprehensive inside look!
Meet Samantha Munoz
Founder of The Intentional Book Club

Hello! My name is Sam and I am passionate about using children's literature to be a better parent. In 2016 I wrote the book The Intentional Bookshelf which has been taking the parenting world by storm. After talking with hundreds of parents I have come to realize what we all really need is guidance, a roadmap, a community and motivation. We need to know what books to buy for what purpose, what to do with those books, how to encourage our children to actively participate in the reading process and a community to talk through all the struggles of parenthood with. Thus, the club was born!
Some Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the club?
As soon as your payment processes you will be sent your login info and will be able to jump right in immediately!

Is this for families with older kids, too?
Yes!  I believe that no matter where you are in your bookshelf curating journey this is an immensely valuable resource for your family. This will help you find good books for your older kids even if you don't have the time to read them fully beforehand!

Do each of my children need their own membership?
Absolutely not one single membership is enough for the whole family.

How much time do I need to make the most of this space?
That really depends on what you are trying to accomplish, but even if you only pop open the club
every once in a while to find your next favorite book & to track your reading progress, it's worth it.

How long do I have access to the club?
Forever. Once you join the club, you will have access for life.